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Allenheads is at the heart of an area of outstanding Natural Beauty-The North Pennines. The village is 1340 feet above sea level and in the 19th century was the most important lead mining centre in the country. Today Allenheads is a natural home for a wide variety of alpine plants, wildlife and a prospering village.

Springboard Sunderland owns and runs Allenheads Lodge, which was a former Methodist Chapel built in 1848. Now it is converted into 4 bedrooms sleeping 22 - Separate toilet showers, kitchen, lounge and drying room.

We can offer a wide range of activity and experiential learning programmes to meet the needs of all groups, individuals and learners. 

The Lodge holds a valid licence (provider no: L3790/R0596) under the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 1996 (AALA). All staff are experienced in working with young people with challenging behaviour. The Lodge offers a range of programmes from one day tasters through to 5 night residentials. Often with key skills qualifications built into the programme as a learning outcome. All programmes are tailor made to meet your needs, challenging and above all fun!

We also offer C2C (Coast to Coast) accommodation as the lodge is at the halfway point on the C2C route.

Are based on 8 young people and 2 members of staff to comply with the Lodge’s AALA license. It and includes pre-course material, guidance notes; risk assessment forms, handouts, and a pre-programme visit to discuss your needs. We can also can run camping expeditions both land & water based. We can offer:

Climbing / Abseiling
Climbing takes place in a variety of sites. A low key introduction to climbing either indoors or outdoors would include bouldering where the participants work in pairs and move across the rock, never getting too high. This can be followed by climbing up the wall or rock face using ropes. This is a great activity for getting young people to communicate and trust each other.

Either in open canoes – two people working together, or in Kayaks, single seater boats. We get out on the water and have a paddle! Once participants have completed some introductory sessions a river trip can be planned. The open canoes are ideal for expeditions, this is an ideal activity around which to plan a camping trip.

Mountain Biking
We often use Hetton Lyons Country Park where there is an off road course and several local routes for cycling at all levels of ability. Other venues include Hamsterely Forest.

Gorge Walk
Work your way upstream against the raging torrent of the Ashgill Beck! Try the plunge pool and waterfall slide. You are guaranteed to get wet, very wet, but what a good experience! This is the most popular activity at the Lodge.

Team Building Exercises
We can provide you with a variety of problem solving and team building exercises either during the day or at night in the dark! Basic trust exercises or complex river crossings, we can plan a programme to suit your group.

Mine Visits
The local Nenthead Mine complex is well worth a visit with interactive water wheels and the opportunity to venture underground.

Please call Maria Irving on 0191 5678647 for more information.

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