NVQ and Modern Apprenticeships Programme



NVQ and Modern Apprenticeships Programme

What is work-based learning?
It is exactly what it says. Learning centred around the workplace where you will gain a qualification as well as valuable work experience

Who is eligible to join Springboard?
Any young person between the age of 16 to 18 years old. We may be able to offer training to ages 19 and over under special circumstances. There are no entry requirements to join Springboard however we do assess your skills on joining the programme and this helps us decide what level of qualification would best suit you as an individual.

I知 not so hot at English and Maths, will you be able to help with that?
When you start Springboard we will assess you to make sure we can give you the right level of support. You will also have the chance to update these skills and get a qualification.

What would my course involve?
Most of the time you will be in a real work placement with weekly visits to Springboard to work on your qualification and basic skills. You can also take part in additional activities including outdoor activities / team building / confidence building and learn job search skills such as c.v writing and interview techniques.

Do I have to find my own placement?
We arrange the placement for you however if you have contact with a potential placement, say for instance where you completed your school works experience, then we would be happy to contact them and arrange for you to attend there if possible.

How long will my training last?
It could be anything from 12 to 15 months depending on the level of qualification you are doing. There may be an opportunity to progress to a higher level once you have completed a qualification.

Will I get paid?
You will receive a training allowance of 」40.00 per week and also a travel allowance weekly to get you to and from your placement and the training centre. This gets paid straight into your bank account every Friday.

Do I get holidays?
You are entitled to a day and a third for every month of training and two weeks off in August. You also get time off over the Christmas period.

Who would I go to if I had a problem? 
Every learner has a placement officer who would be your first point of contact however there are others including your tutor, assessor and induction officer. You do receive lots of support throughout your programme. It is important to talk to us about any problems you have that may affect your training.

Will I get a full time job at the end of my training?
Springboard does not guarantee that you will get a full time job however we do our very best to help you to achieve this by helping you with job search skills. The majority of learners who complete their training go on to gain a job in their chosen area or go on to further training such as nurse training, at University.

What happens if I get a job before I have finished my qualification?
No problem, if it is with placement we can talk to them about you finishing your qualification. We also open late once a week and can arrange to work around your working hours to help you carry on with your training and complete your qualification.




Will I receive any extra payment during my training?

Training topup, basic skills incentives and perhaps a qualification bonus in addition to your normal allowance payments.

Will I receive help with my travel expenses?
Yes, part of your training top up is to go towards your travel pass.

How long will my programme last?
Depending on the area of training your programme can last anything from three to twenty six weeks.

Where will my training take place?
You will be based in the Pennywell Centre of Springboard with work placements and tasters situated within the Sunderland area. 

How will I know if I知 doing well on my programme?
You will have regular reviews with your named tutor and your placement supervisor who will tell you how you are doing and agree with you what you should work towards next.

Will my training be classroom based?
No, all programmes at Springboard Pennywell have an element of classroom work activities, but you will also get the opportunity to try work placements and tasters with a variety of other activities outside the centre.

Will I get the chance to choose different work areas?
Yes, our placement officer and your named tutor will work with you to identify the most practical work placements you would like to try.

What qualifications can I study for?
As well improving your Literacy and Numeracy you may have the opportunity to study towards a variety of vocational qualifications and industry specific certificates including Health and Hygiene, Midas Transport Training, sports coaching awards and many more.

Will I get holidays during my training?
You will have the opportunity to accrue holidays over the length of your programme totalling a maximum of ten days over twenty six weeks.

Is there any support available?
Yes, as well support from Springboard and the New Deal Mentoring service you will be provided with a variety of support from other bodies including financial advice and healthy living.



Will I get paid while I知 on the programme?
Yes you will receive 」40.00 per week while you are on the programme for 16 hours or more

Will I receive help with my travel expenses?
Yes, you will receive a travel allowance to help you get to your training provider or placement.

How long will my programme last?
E2E is not a time served programme; there is no standard length of time. All learners are individually assessed and programme length is decided by your personal needs.

Will my training take place locally?
Yes, in most cases E2E provision is widespread. 

How will I know if I知 doing well on my programme?
You will have regular reviews with your named tutor who will tell you how you are doing.

Can I try different types of work on E2E?
Yes, if you are unsure about what you want to do E2E offers the opportunity to try work tasters.

Can I study for a qualification on E2E?
Yes, there are many qualifications available these will be explained to you at interview and during your programme.

What happens if I have any personal problems while I知 training?
The E2E programme has a dedicated team of people to help all learners to overcome any problems and barriers to their learning. All information is kept strictly private and we can offer you different kinds of support even if they are not connected to your training.

Can I try other things while I知 training?
Yes, we have an art and music project, visits to places of interest and a dedicated Connexions Advisor and an Employer Liaison Officer who will help you to decide what you want to do.

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