Many forward thinking employers are currently involved in Apprenticeships and E2E (Entry to Employment), from small employers who employ less than 5 staff to household names. There are some real benefits (to your business and the wider community!) to be gained from engaging with us to provide work-based learning. 
The benefits:

Skills Shortages...
Data gathered during the National Employers Skills Survey (2003) suggested that at any one time there are over a quarter of a million job vacancies that are hard to fill, and approximately half of these cannot be filled due to skill shortages in the labour market. Skills deficiencies inhibit those organisations that are often striving to grow and improve their performance. Recruitment problems are usually highest where the skills required of employees are relatively modest. Engaging with and supporting Apprentices and E2E learners can help fill the gap that just over one fifth of employers report they have. You can help your business grow and at the same time give someone a chance. Putting extra trained help to good use potentially enables you to carry more business – this may apply particularly to you if you are a small or developing business. Apprenticeships and E2E produce well-motivated, productive, skilled individuals. But, as with anything worthwhile you get as much out as you put in!

Cost-effective recruitment...
You can utilise your support of our programmes as a means of future cost-effective recruitment. Involvement with learning enables employers to recruit staff who are familiar with your company’s culture, and are trained or ready to be trained in skills directly related to your business’ operations. It’s almost like growing your own staff!

Tackling social and economic disadvantage...
The Government has realised that workforce development is needed to fuel economic growth, particularly in disadvantaged areas of the country. Helping local people to improve their employability is crucial in tackling the problems of social and economic disadvantage – you can play a role in this. The Government’s Social Exclusion Unit (1999) found that for most people the prospect of employment was the most powerful incentive to improve their skills. The visible involvement of employers such as yourself in work based learning initiatives can begin to impact on people’s expectations and achievements. Many employers welcome the opportunity to work with the community since they are keen to demonstrate their commitment to social inclusion and equality of opportunity. This also has a positive impact on the morale of existing employees, who can see the company shares their values and is committed to training.

Have your say...
Engaging with Apprenticeships and E2E enables you to have your say in training the future workforce – employers can be highly influential in making work based learning successful and relevant to their business needs. At Springboard Sunderland we want to work with you in partnership - we are keen explore your needs to ensure that we match them with the interests, skills and knowledge of our apprentices. 

Improve existing employees skills...

Apprenticeships and E2E also provide an opportunity for existing employees to develop valuable mentoring, guidance and supervisory skills. Many employees welcome the opportunity to ‘up-skill’ since they realise the benefits this brings them as individuals, aside from the overall benefit to the company.

Useful advice and support...
You will receive advice from us on the legislative requirements relating to Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities that affect employers as well as Apprentices and E2E learners. You can speak with one of our Training Advisors at any time for specific help and guidance.

Your involvement

You may be interested in either an Apprentice or an E2E learner. Typically an Apprentice would work in your company for up to 4 or 5 days a week, for between 9 to 18 months. The time it takes for them to achieve their apprenticeship (and therefore the time they spend with you) depends on their own individual ability.

It may be that is too big a commitment. Or you may like to get to know an individual more before making a longer commitment. If that is the case then an E2E learner may be more suitable for you. An E2E learner is working towards taking the ‘step up’ to an Apprenticeship. The time an E2E student spends with you is flexible – it could be 2 days a week for 4 weeks, or an 8 week ‘block’! Whatever your circumstances we can work with you to suit your needs.

At all times we will work in partnership with you and your learner to ensure all parties are supported and well informed. We provide all employers with Information for Placement Prodiers – Everything you always wanted to know! This will help you gain the most from engaging with work-based learning. Whatever programme you are interested in, the following should give you an idea of the activities you can expect to be involved in. The level of you involvement will obviously depend on the length of time you have a learner in your workplace.

  • On the first day of your learner starting you will need to provide a Health and Safety Induction. We can help you with this if necessary. 

  • On a daily basis you will need to supervise, guide and allocate work to your learner. You will also need to monitor their attendance. You may be asked to help learners record or plan their work.

  • You will be asked to take part in your learner’s reviews and assessments. 

  • Periodically we will ask you to provide ‘witness’ statements to confirm you have observed your Apprentice carrying out tasks relevant to the NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) they are studying as part of their Apprenticeship. We may also ask you to provide us with feedback on our programmes.

If you are interested in supporting an Apprentice or E2E learner please speak to the relevant person on the contact numbers throughout this website or on our main number 0191 5155300


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